All the documents that are not under restriction can be borrowed from the library.


The following documents cannot be borrowed

-    magazines, newspapers, journals
-    reference books from the reading room
-    books published before 1945
-    theses
-    software and their documentation.


The library does not lend any kind of documents to the readers if they

-    have not returned more than one overdue document
-    have not paid the overdue charge
-    have other liabilities
-    are being prosecuted
-    if their membership has expired


Procedure of borrowing

The user has to present his/her barcode.
In the open-shelf area the user himself chooses the documents and hands them over to the librarian for borrowing.
Overdue charge has to be paid if he/she fails to return the documents on time.


Number of documents that can be borrowed

Registered (not university member) users can borrow 5 books for 3 weeks and they can be renewed once.

Registered users who are registered students can borrow 5 language course books for one term.

NJE students can borrow 10 books for 5 weeks and they can be renewed twice.

NJE lecturers can borrow 15 books for 12 weeks and they can be renewed twice.

NJE staff can borrow 10 books for 3 weeks and they can be renewed twice.




The duration of lending can be renewed before expiry or during tolerance period.
Way of renewal: in person at the lending desk with document or online.


Renewal is impossible if:

-    registration has expired,
-    reader has not paid the overdue charge,
-    reader has not returned overdue document,
-    reader has used up renewal possibilities.


Reference (special)

Users can ask the librarians for help regarding the use of the catalogues, databases and the reference library.


Interlibrary loan


Aim of the service
Via interlibrary loan our readers get access to documents that cannot be found in our library but are available from other libraries.


The service is available
For those registered readers who need specialist literature for their research via interlibrary lending and accept the terms and conditions.


Types of documents for interlibrary lending

Reader can only place a request for such documents that cannot be found in the stock of either KIK or any other public library in Kecskemét.
The requested document can be a book or the copy of a part of a document.


Commencing interlibrary lending
After reader has checked that the necessary document is not available in any of the above mentioned libraries, he can ask KIK for interlibrary lending.
The library provides him with a request form to be filled in with the data of the requested document.


Access to the requested document
After KIK has found the locality of the requested document, it forwards the request to the library in Hungary where the requested document is available. In case it is only available abroad, the request is forwarded to Széchenyi National Library.
If the book can be borrowed from a Hungarian library, it takes about 2 weeks, while it might take even months from abroad.
On the arrival of the requested document KIK informs the reader and lends it to him on the conditions and the deadline given by the lending library.


Lending time of documents on interlibrary loan
The lending time is defined by the lending library. Usually it is 3 weeks within Hungary but it can differ. It is usually shorter in the case of borrowing from abroad. Keeping the deadline is extremely important and mandatory.


Related fees
The costs, based on the invoice enclosed, should be covered on receipt of the document by the reader requesting interlibrary loan.
Research and teaching staff, and students at the departments are exempt.
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Interlibrary loan from KIK stock to other libraries


We lend books from KIK stock for libraries that accept and observe the terms and conditions of interlibrary loan.
We accept requests forwarded by e-mail:
On one occasion maximum 5 items can be ordered. Lending time is 3 weeks that can be renewed for one more week on a reasonable basis.
Documents that cannot be lent in their original form – reading room copies, magazines - are lent photocopied.
Electronic documents cannot be borrowed from KIK.
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Electronic information services


KIK provides access for its registered readers to its databases and electronic journals subscribed and supported from central resources.
The aim of this service is to enhance teaching and research and to enhance students’ work with scientific specialist literature.

Access for teachers and researchers is restricted for the period of employment and for students the period of their studies respectively.
The contents of electronic resources (databases and e-journals) are intellectual properties protected by copyright.
User is entitled to read the sources of information, searching the databases, store and print the results of his search exclusively for his own purposes.
It is forbidden to systematically download information resources, databases, to multiply or archive contents, or make them available for unauthorized persons for profit.
When citing, user has to refer to the given resources.
The above rules are obligatory, breaching them can result cancellation of services and further legal procedures.