Basic services


Use on the spot
The reading rooms and the lending areas with open shelves are available to all the visitors.

Use of library catalogues
Books can be chosen from electronic catalogues.

Reference (general)
Users can find information about the services and stock of the library in oral and written form.

Reference (online)
Users can have access to the online services at the webpage of the library:



Any Hungarian citizen over 18 can be registered for a fee.
Full time students and employees of the university can be registered free of charge for one academic year.
Guest lecturers and students to the university get temporary registration.
To be registered, the following documents are necessary:
-    identity card or
-    passport and address card issued after 1 Jan. 2001,
-    student card
-    certificate issued by NJE Chancellor’s Office for its pensioners
-    document of employment for the employees of the university