2023-05-18 13:56

Statista database is temporarily accessible at our university.

Statista is one of the largest statistical databases worldwide and covers statistical information to over 80 000 topics.
Draw insights on consumers from industries and markets worldwide. Covering the offline and online world, the Statista Global Consumer Survey offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage.

Discover more than 50 industries and topics from the online and offline world. From eCommerce to nutrition and smart home to travel, plus many more - collect a wealth of insights from the markets that are most important to you, with the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

Find relevant information on more than 60 million privately held and over 50 000 stock-listed companies worldwide. See the most important business information at a glance and get a grasp on industries.

The eCommerce Insights provides detailed information for 28 000 stores in 57 countries, including detailed revenue analytics, competitor analysis, market development, marketing budget, and interesting KPIs, such as traffic, shipping providers, payment options, social media activity and many more.

The database is available until June 14, 2023 within the IP range of the university or remotely with EduID.