2023-04-28 12:00

New books available in the Library and Information Centre

Modern Battery Engineering - a Comprehensive Introduction Illustrated Edition

Birke Peter Kai

This richly illustrated book written by Professor Kai Peter Birke and several co-authors addresses both scientific and engineering aspects of modern batteries in a unique way. Emphasizing the engineering part of batteries, the book acts as a compass towards next generation batteries for automotive and stationary applications. The book provides distinguished answers to still open questions on how future batteries look like.

Modern Battery Engineering explains why and how batteries have to be designed for successful commercialization in e-mobility and stationary applications. The book will help readers understand the principle issues of battery designs, paving the way for engineers to avoid wrong paths and settle on appropriate cell technologies for next generation batteries. This book is ideal for training courses for readers interested in the field of modern batteries.

Readership: Engineers and professionals dealing with or specialising in cell technologies and their R&D. Also provides an advanced training course for anyone interested in the field of modern batteries.


Shadow Networks: Financial Disorder and the System that Caused Crisis

Francisco Louçã, Michael Ash

The 2007-08 financial crisis surprised many economists and the public. But how did the crisis come about, why was it so deep, and why has the clean-up been so slow and painful?

Many accounts of the crisis focus on renegade activity in marginal financial sectors. Shadow Networks challenges this pervading view and sets out to demonstrate that, far from a dissident branch, the shadow finance that initiated the crisis is tightly networked with, and highly profitable for, bank-based finance. The collapse was not an accident, but baked into the system of finance from the start. Shadow Networks traces the complex web of power that caused crisis and gives vivid descriptions of the actors in the quarter century leading up to 2007 to explain how the now decade-long crisis took shape.

Shadow Networks: Financial Disorder and the System that Caused Crisis is a probing examination of the roles of the powerful elite. It traces the networks and institutions that support a finance-focused, market centered model of economy and society from their ascendancy to their surprising resilience in the face of manifest failures.


Bayesian Econometrics

Gary Koop

Bayesian Econometrics introduces the reader to the use of Bayesian methods in the field of econometrics at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.  The book is self-contained and does not require that readers have previous training in econometrics.  The focus is on models used by applied economists and the computational techniques necessary to implement Bayesian methods when doing empirical work.  The book includes numerous empirical examples and the website associated with it contains data sets and computer programs to help the student develop the computational skills of modern Bayesian econometrics.