2023-02-14 17:56

New books available in the Library and Information Centre

Principles of Marketing

Philip T. Kotler,  Gary Armstrong

Present five major themes using a clear and compelling customer-value approach 

The text’s innovative customer-value and engagement framework ties together key concepts, and details how marketing creates customer value and captures value in return. From beginning to end, this marketing process model builds on five major customer value and engagement themes: 

  • Creating value for customers in order to capture value in return 
  • Engaging with customers using today’s digital and social media 
  • Building and managing strong, value-creating brands 
  • Measuring and managing return on marketing 
  • Fostering sustainable marketing around the globe 


Adhesion Science

John Comyn

The use of adhesives is widespread and growing. There are few modern artefacts, from simple food packing to complex jumbo jets, that are without this means of adhesive joining. Fully updated and revised, Adhesion Science 2nd Edition provides an illuminating account of the science underlying the use of adhesives; technology fundamental to the science of coatings and composite materials, and to the performance of all types of bonded structures. This book guides the reader through essential polymer science to the chemistry of adhesives currently in use. It discusses surface preparation for adhesive bonding, the use of primers and coupling agents and includes a simple guide on stress distribution joints and considerations for testing. Adhesion Science also examines the interaction of adhesives and the environment, including an analysis of the resistance of joints to water, oxygen and ultra-violet light. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the chemistry of adhesives ideal not only for chemists, but any students with a background in physical or materials science.


Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice

Dan C. Marinescu

Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice, Third Edition provides students and IT professionals with an in-depth analysis of the cloud from the ground up. After an introduction to network-centric computing and network-centric content, the book reviews basic concepts of concurrency and parallel and distributed systems, presents critical components of the cloud ecosystem as cloud service providers, cloud access, cloud data storage, and cloud hardware and software, covers cloud applications and cloud security, and presents research topics in cloud computing.
Specific topics covered include resource virtualization, resource management and scheduling, and advanced topics like the impact of scale on efficiency, cloud scheduling subject to deadlines, alternative cloud architectures, and vehicular clouds. An included glossary covers terms grouped in several categories, from general to services, virtualization, desirable attributes and security.