2023-02-06 14:49

Answers for your questions about library services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


 Can I use the library as a foreign student?
 Yes, of course. Our foreign students can use the library services as well.

 What services can I use?
 Reading on the spot
 Use of library catalogues
 Computer use
 Use of databases

 What is required for enrolment?
 Identity card suitable for proof of identity
 Entering personal data
 Signing the enrolment statement

 Do I have to pay for the services?
 There is a charge for photocopying, printing, and scanning.
 Other services are free for our students.

 What are my obligations towards the library?
 Borrowed documents must be returned to the library by the deadline.
 A late fee must be paid for documents returned late.
 Upon termination of the student status, all library debts must be settled.