2024-04-19 12:22

Library and Information Centre: April 24, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

Tha Tragedy of man

Hungarian animated film in color /160 min / 2011
digitally refurbished
Language: Hungarian
Subtitle: English

Director, writer (screenplay), designer: Marcell Jankovics
Writer: Imre Madách
Cinematographer: Zoltán Bacsó
Composer: László Sáry
Cast: Tibor Szilágyi, Mátyás Usztics, Ágnes Bertalan, Tamás Széles

The Tragedy of Man is an animated adaptation of Imre Madách's emblematic play. It’s plot starts from the biblical creation, and its protagonists are Adam and Eve, the first human couple. After being driven out of Paradise by God, the sleeping Adam is led in a dream by Lucifer, the fallen angel, through human history into the unknown, distant future.
The colours set in different periods of humanity were created in the typical artistic style of that era.

Marcell Jankovics worked on the work for nearly thirty years. One of the highlights of the director's feature-length movies.