2024-04-04 09:45

Library and Information Centre: April 10, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

Wild Balaton

Colourful educational documentary / 2018 / 50 min
Language: Hungarian
Subtitle: English

Director, cinematographer, editor: Szabolcs Mosonyi
Writer (screenplay): Erika Bagladi
Composer: Attila Mátyás
Narrator: Zoltán Csankó

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe. The strange marriage of geology, wildlife and man created this landscape. The volcanic cones and caves, tuff steps and gorge valleys, swamps and berks that accompany the shores of the lake reveal wonders unique to this region. Wormwood and wild cats, falcons and ravens, massively nesting egrets and herons, pelts going on a nocturnal adventure come to life in this spectacular underwater and aerial film, which was shot with 4K cameras providing excellent image quality, special underwater cameras, hidden wildlife cameras and drone cameras for nearly 3 years.