2024-03-01 09:14

Library and Information Centre: 6 March, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

A Very Moral Night

color feature film, 1977
96 min

Language: Hungarien
Subtitle: English

Writer: Sándor Hunyady
Writer (screenplay): István Örkény, Péter Bacsó
Cinematographer: János Tóth
Editor: György Sivó
Composer: Tamás Balassa P.
Cast: Irén Psota, Margit Makay, Carla Romanelli, Györgyi Tarján, György Cserhalmi, Edith Leyrer

This impressionist film is set in the period of "sweet peace", at the turn of the century. Mutter sometimes takes her blossoming, beautiful girls to theatre from the brothel and pats them on the bottom every now and then. After a night party, their beloved young doctor Kelepi makes up his mind and moves in with the girls for food and accommodation. Unexpectedly his worried mother arrives from the country and the company tries to pretend. But Bella, who wanted to commit suicide because of her lover, wants to tell her everything. However, the naive mother does not believe her eyes until she sees the partying gents of the town break in the house and demand the services.