2023-11-16 12:58

Library and Information Centre: November 22, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

Aunt Mici's two lives

black and white Hungarian comedy
1962 / 82 min
Language: Hungarien
Subtitle: English

Director: Frigyes Mamcserov
Screenwriter: György Hámos
Cinematographer: Barnabás Hegyi
Editor: Sándor Zákonyi
Music: Szabolcs Fényes

Cast: Manyi Kiss, Antal Páger, Ottó Szokolay, Judit Tóth

Evergreen film comedy – with the brilliant actress Manyi Kiss

Mici Hangay, a former operetta star, is looking for a childless young couple through a classified ad, promising them housing in exchange for their support. Among the many applicants, the choice falls on Kati and Laci, a lovely married couple. She does not know that they will not meet the demand of childlessness for much longer. But Mr. Gál also turns up, Mici's old fan, who is now a taxi driver. The vain, old actress really blossoms in the company of Mr. Gál, but she does not dare to admit her secret suitor, while the young people keep the arrival of the baby a secret. All of this leads to a series of misunderstandings…