2023-04-26 11:56

Library and Information Centre - Reading Room: May 3, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

Original title: FOMO - Megosztod és uralkodsz

2019 / drama / 93 min / HD
colour Hungarian feature film
Subtitle: English

Director: Hartung, Attila
Writer: Hartung, Attila and Kerékgyártó, Yvonne
Cinematographer: M. Deák, Kristóf
Editor: Duszka, Péter Gábor
Music: Konsiczky, Dávid

Cast:  Yorgos Goletsas, László Panna, Bouquet Gergely, Pokorni Ábel, Sipőcz András, Stohl András, Herczeg Adrienn 

How can you gain popularity and as many likes as possible? When you do things that others dare not do... But what happens when you go too far?
If you're not online, you don't exist?
Gergő and his teenage friends are into three things: partying, sex, and their online following. One night, at a party, Lilla falls victim to the boys. A dare gets out of hand and the youngsters' world changes forever overnight.