2023-04-03 09:29

Library and Information Centre - Reading Room: April 5, 2023, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

The Fifth Seal

(1976) drama / 109 min / HD
colour Hungarian feature film

It is an astoundingly powerful parable of little people who choose morality even in the face of oppression by the power of all times.

Subtitle: English


Director: Zoltán Fábri
Writer: Ferenc Sántha 
Cinematographer: György Illés
Editor: Ferencné Szécsényi
Zeneszerző: György Vukán
Gyuricza, watch-maker: Lajos Őze
Király, book salesman: László Márkus
Béla kolléga, innkeeper: Ferenc Bencze
Kovács, joiner: Sándor Horváth
Keszei, photographer: István Dégi
Man in Civilian Clouths: Zoltán Litonovits
the Blonde: Gábor Nagy
the Tall: György Bánffy

A group of friends are chatting in a pub. Outside, the Hungarian fascist Arrow Cross Party terror is in full swing while the Soviets are bombing Budapest, but Király, the snobbish book agent, Kovács, the pious carpenter, Béla, the pragmatic pub owner, and the apparently cynical Gyuricza talk about how best to cook brisket and the injustices of fascism. The next day they, too, face a serious decision: should they surrender to, or resist, the authorities. The film adapted from the novel by Ferenc Sánta is an astonishingly powerful parable about the average man choosing the path of morality even under the oppression of the prevailing power.